Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Diapers!

I'm going to try out some new diapers! I am SO geeked! With M being our second child, I thought for sure I was done playing with new diapers. But not so! As it turns out, no two children are alike... and along that vein, the diapers that worked well for A do not work well for M. They're just shaped differently.

So you can imagine my joy when I won the photo contest and my prize was three new brands of pocket diaper to try out. Yay!

THEN I found a very long discussion about Grobaby diapers on It seemed that everyone who had tried them liked them! Since my biggest pocket issue right now is the size of the leg openings, I decided that Grobaby might be a good solution. Since it's one-size, it ought to have leg openings that go small enough for M's little legs... SO, I did something I never do. I bought new diapers. I mean, brand spankin' new diapers! Here's the link to them so you can see: Grobaby diapers. ( )

I had recently sold a bunch of covers from A that I knew wouldn't fit M, so I had a little cash. It wasn't much but it was enough! Good thing the Grobaby diapers weren't that expensive!

None of them have shown up on my doorstep yet, but I'm hoping that this week I"ll have them. Then I will have to prewash them. THEN I can try them out!

Waiting for the mailman is hard.

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Steph said...

have the diapers showed up yet? what do you think??? i'm very curious!!