Friday, May 29, 2009

Garage Sales Part 2

I just love what $64 and a morning's garage saling can do for a girl... or rather two very special little girls! I think I may have done even better today than on my last adventure. I found all of the stuff listed below PLUS a nearly new double stroller! (pics of that to come later)

a lavender bumbo (my friend S bought this for me at a sale she was at this morning and some lady tried to buy it from her before she even left the sale!)

two short-sleeve Bumkins bibs, a bike helmet, a cashmere sweater for M, two knit tops for A (Children's Place and Oshkosh), jeans for A, and a swimsuit for A.


A Baby Gap dress for A, with tights, a bottle bag, a wooden teething toy, 5 bibs for M, Robeez for A and M, a Sesame Street DVD, sandals for A, milk bags, breast pads, 4 undershirts for A.


Fridge Phonics, Word Jammer, two pairs of play shoes, Bear figurines, a bib and burp-rag boutique set (unused), a diaper pad cover, two pairs of mittens for A, a nursing bra for me, four pairs of socks for M, 3 onesies for M, and a Haba toy for M.

And the double stroller, Jeep brand, with two little steering wheels for the girls to "drive" with.

It was SOOO much fun. I can't believe how well I did!

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