Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Murphy's Law Morning

Today I am having a Murphy's Law Morning. We've all had them. They suck.

In review:

- despite the fact that the 7-week-old baby slept through the night (9-5!), the toddler did not. She fell out of bed at midnight, raising holy heck while howling.

- the baby chose not to fall back asleep after her 5:30am feeding, leaving me to juggle the baby, the pacifier, the breastpump, and the cat who was howling for his breakfast.

- the toddler woke an hour early, while I was juggling the above mentioned items. Add the toddler to the mix, who keeps insisting on "helping" me pump. Meanwhile, I'm hoping she doesn't pee in her pants because, oh yes, I did not have the mental capacity to insist that she pee before "helping" me.

- the cat switched from yowling to chewing on the tubing for my breastpump WHILE I"M USING IT! Guess what. I have to buy new tubes for my breastpump now.

- oh no! Too much milk! I underestimated the amount of milk I would need to pump and now it's overflowing the bottle and squirting out the air vent!

- after finally managing to get us all fed and dressed, I realized that there are still no clean diapers in either of our changing stations. I realized this last night, actually, and started washing them. BUT I didn't manage to finish them before falling asleep. They're wet and still need another rinse before I can dry them. I'd like to leave that to the husband to finish, but we all know how awful it can be to try to get anything done when the baby's poopy and you just realized that there are no clean diapers to put her in. I won't risk it. I have to get the diapers clean and dry before I leave for work.

- meanwhile, the toddler is repeatedly questioning everything I say. Her new catch-phrase is, "but, Ma!" "But, Ma!" nothing, girl. What I say goes. A was sitting on time out before 8am.

- lunches! I have to pack lunches for myself and for the toddler! But the fridge is empty. C has been waiting for his boss to get back to him about what foods he should eat in order to reach his goal weight by June. We've been waiting on him for a week now. Which means that despite my desire to get groceries yesterday when I had the day off and the toddler was away, it didn't happen. Our fridge is rather empty. I managed to get lunches made, but not to pack my morning snack.

- The weather this morning sucks. It's raining and 40F. I have to choose between my winter coat (warm and wet) or my rain jacket (cold but dry.) I chose the rain jacket.

- I made it to the car, finally. Halfway to work, I realize that I had forgotten to get gas yesterday afternoon. The idiot light is on. Great. And gas prices went up by 10 cents a gallon overnight. Yeehaw. I'll have to stop for gas. Oh, wait, did I pack my purse?

- It's still raining when I get to the gas station. I manage to get gas, but not after dropping my credit card into the sludge on the ground by the pump.

- Is that... NO! Crud. Road construction. I forgot that University Ave is all torn up right now. And it's too late to take the back roads. Sigh.

- And yes, I did forget to stop at the PO and drop of the envelope of pictures I was supposed to mail to my MIL on Thursday. Grr..

I hope today gets better!!!!!!

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