Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Parenting Tidbits

A continuation of my earlier posting about things I have learned as a parent:

7. Wearing the same outfit two days in a row is not socially uncouth unless you will be seeing the same group of people both days.

8. Showering every day is beyond decadent. Showering alone once a week is even more of a luxury.

9. Bodily fluids are not gross. Eau de Spit-up is a very powerful cologne. Vomit, feces, urine... it's all good and wipes off, IF you can get time for a shower, that is. If not, grab a wetwipe for your skin, change your clothes, and get on with life.

10. Eating kids' food is better than not eating at all. Let's face it. Kids' foods are mostly quick and easy to prepare so that you can get it to the screaming toddler before you go deaf. You may plan on putting together a meal for yourself AFTER feeding the kids, but is it likely to happen? Sometimes you're better off sucking it up and eating the hotdog with grapes and carrot sticks than counting on it!


3palermosplusone said...

You need to add shaving your legs in there if you swing it once a week you're on a roll..... :)

TheCraftyQueen said...

oo... good point. I had to stop shaving while showering with A because I could not get her to stop licking the shaving cream off my legs.