Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Mastermind

Our two year old has crossed another milestone. She has learned to put words into Daddy's mouth in hopes of gaining a chocolaty treat.

Tonight's menu included leftover pizza. Most children would have no problem polishing of a piece of pizza for dinner. A, however, decided that she didn't want to eat her pizza. I wanted her to eat, as she's been getting into the habit of not eating dinner. I'm not worried that she'll starve; she's a good eating normally. I'm more concerned that she understand mealtimes instead of just snacking all day.

So, when A wouldn't eat her dinner, I hauled out the big guns: brownies with M&Ms and chocolate chips. I knew she'd want one. I knew she would do just about anything for one if she saw Daddy and I eating them. SO I cut us each a large brownie and we dug in. It didn't take long.

"Mama, I want treat please."

"Did you finish your pizza?"

"I all done. Want brownie."

"Not until you finish your pizza."

Some time went by with A insisting she was done eating even though her plate was covered with pizza. I started to ignoring any sentence that included the word brownie. Pretty soon I heard C laughing and asking if I had heard that. Since I hadn't, he had A repeat herself.

"Daddy say I have brownie."

Daddy had NOT said she could have a brownie and we all knew that. A was trying to get her way and using "Daddy said I could" as her method.

And here I thought it was too soon for her to understand truth and lies.

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