Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Week's Culinary Experiment

For Christmas, one of my mothers-in-law gifted me with a yogurt-maker. I love the thing. A eats homemade yogurt every morning for breakfast and I rest assured that her yogurt is free of all of the nasty additives that come with commercially-produced yogurt.

I, however, have been yogurtless since discovering (or rather rediscovering) my milk allergy 5 years ago. I just can't hack soy yogurts. I tried acquiring a taste for Silk soy yogurt, since I love all of the other Silk products, but after a week of eating Silk soy yogurt, I gave up.

This week I was informed that Turtle Mountain was selling a coconut milk based yogurt. Coconut milk? I could happily eat coconut milk! I can't imagine that tasting bad! I thought I'd stop at Willy or Whole Foods and pick some up to try, but being 8+ months pregnant and having a toddler and husband to manage, I haven't been able to make a trip out to the specialty markets.

SO, I decided to make my own. After searching online I found out that making coconut yogurt was as simple as making the real deal with the exception of having to add a bit of honey or sugar to feed the bacteria. Easy peasy!

Yesterday morning I set up the yogurt-maker and let it run. Coconut milk yogurt is supposed to incubate for 10 hours, but at 10 hours, my yogurt wasn't anywhere NEAR set, so I let it go another 2 hours. In retrospect, I probably should have stopped it at 10 hours, but it's by no means ruined.

In fact, it's delicious! It's a bit sour, but very coconutty! I cant' wait to put it into a pineapple banana orange smoothie this afternoon! It's a bit runny but tastes fabulous!!!!!

I highly recommend the experiment to anyone else with dairy issue. It's truly yogurty!


The smoothie was fantastic. I will totally do that again. YUM!!!!

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