Monday, January 26, 2009

A Sunday Trip to the Grocery Store

Have you ever had one of those trips to the grocery store that just makes you cringe?

I thought I was setting myself up for a GOOD trip this past Sunday. It was 8am and I knew the crowds would be small. Madisonians don't like to be at the grocery store before 9:30am on a Sunday. I like to go when there's no one there, especially now that they're remodeling and the aisles are all wonky.

I was right that there weren't a lot of people there, but really, since when is it anyone but myself who really knows how to turn a simple trip to the store into a panicked moment?

Imagine me, just about 9 months pregnant, wearing a man's XL winter jacket, pushing a cart FULL of groceries frantically through the produce department in a mad dash to the bathroom. Not for the toddler. Oh, no. For me. So, I'm running, pushing the cart, chattering to A to keep her happy, and suddenly Braxton Hicks contractions hit me out of NOWHERE... on top of the "oh, what did I eat and why must it choose NOW to leave me?" feeling. I just can't seem to get to the restrooms fast enough. I start to wonder if I will even make it...then A spots the Panda licorice display and as usual chimes in with, "I want to see Panda!"

"After we go potty, honey! When we're done!"

Thankfully, all ended well and we even managed to detour AROUND the panda display on the way out. Phew.

Next week, A will stay home with C. I'm hard enough to take anywhere these days by myself!

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Steph said...

oh man. i don't miss all the peeing while pregnant, either. at least you know you're close to the end.