Monday, January 12, 2009

Pregnancy-Induced Idiocy

Can I hear an "I" for Idiocy? Anyone? Anyone?

I really have turned into an idiot since getting pregnant.

Take, for example, my prowess in the kitchen. Twice last week I tried to pour a liquid from one container to another. Once, it was water into an icecube tray. Once it was mandarin oranges into a ziplock container. BOTH TIMES I overfilled the container and kept pouring. That's right. I KEPT POURING until it had been overflowing for a few seconds before that little voice in my head got loud enough for me to hear it and react.

"You're spilling!" I could tell that I was spilling. I could do nothing about it. I had a mess to clean up. Sigh.

"I" am an idiot. 3.5 weeks to go.

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