Tuesday, December 9, 2008

VBAC planned for early February!

We had our OB consult yeterday to discuss birthing options for our soon-to-be daughter. I absolutely LOVED the OB and the way she handled us. She actually looked at my chart, my OR report from the past C sec, asked us about our labor and delivery experience last time, and then discussed both studies and statistics with us. She related all the studies of risk factors and things you can do to improve success rates with the hospital we plan to birth in order to help us get a clear picture of what it will be like.

She said it all comes down to our preference as there is no reason why we couldn't be successful with a VBAC. In her words, "There's about a 70% chance that you'll have a successful VBAC, which if you think about it, is on-par with any other woman walking in there looking for a vaginal birth." I don't know if she'll be doing the delivery or if my Family Med doc will yet, but we'll decide that between now and February 2nd.

I will be required to wear a monitor the whole time. I will also be required to do all of my laboring at the hospital rather than at home, but that's okay, too. If we go postdates by a week or more, we may need to scrap the VBAC and go for the C sec, but I'm not too concerned about that. Either way, I'll have given my body and my baby a chance to try for a VBAC.

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