Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The big day approaches!

We have had a great week getting ready for Christmas! We've done everything from baking christmas cookies to decorating the tree and everything in between that I thought I could handle with a toddler. Boy was it fun!

Here's Abby with our mini-tree. It's short and sweet and easy to set up, which is perfect this year. We also only put one small box of ornaments on the tree as I know I'll be the one responsible for taking it down next week. There's no point in spending hours decorating a tree four days before Christmas if I have to spend twice as long putting it all away next week.


We also brought out last year's Christmas present: the Little People Nativity set. We plan on pulling this out every year after A's birthday and putting it away after the holiday. The button on the top of the manger plays music and that is by far the most played with part of the set this year. Each of the characters has a recessed area on the bottom and in theory, the angel is supposed to sit on the button and cause the music to be played. Usually, though, we find the donkeys and sheep up there.

One of A's favorite tasks around the house is helping me pack up any boxes that are to be shipped. Usually this is when I'm selling some of her old diapering supplies or when I'm sending off a sewing order. A gets out her crayons and sets herself up to decorate the package. Here she is coloring Great Grandma's Christmas present.

I hope the rest of the holidays are as much fun as this week has been!

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