Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BAD Santa!

We've been working on A in regards to Santa. We've been working on getting her ready to see him. She's actually starting to get excited about him and WANTS to go sit on his lap.

So we made plans to go today and see him at a local mall. We invited the grandparents to tag along and asked them to meet us at 11:30. They decided that 12:30 was the soonest they could meet and that they wanted to do lunch at a sit-down place first.

A normally naps from 12-2pm, so already I hate the plan. But I go along with it. We finish lunch and head across the street to the mall to find Santa. He's supposed to go on break at 2pm and it's 1:45 when we arrive. We run across the mall to the huge gingerbread throne, lugging 30lbs of toddler. Now remember, I'm almost 8 months pregnant and have just eaten a big meal. This is no mean feat, getting to Santa before 2pm.

We stumble to a stop in front of the throne at 1:55pm.

There's no line!

There's no Santa!

Santa left early. It's December 23rd, and Santa decides to go home early.

What gives, Santa?!?

Thankfully, A has since forgotten why we were running through the mall and does not pitch a tantrum.

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sherilaugh said...

For us.. our pic of Tisha with santa was tisha on my lap and me on santa's..... that was the only way possible.. and at least she let us get that close this year.