Sunday, November 2, 2008

LaRue Has Left the House

Just as an aside, for those who are interested, the kitten, LaRue, has moved on to the Humane Society. I wasn't sure I wanted to do that to such a wonderful kitten, but once we were there I knew it was right.

We dropped him off, filled out the paperwork, and then went to tour the animal rooms. A loves to see the dogs and cats, and everything else. By the time we returned to the front to gather up our kennel, one of the workers made sure to tell us that "half the staff is in love with him already!" I feel confident that they will do what they can to find him a home quickly, if he doesn't have one already with one of the admiring staff-members.

I'll call in a few days to check up on him. Because he was a stray, they had to keep him in back for a week so that his original owners have a chance to reclaim him. I find that somewhat doubtful, given his origins, but I understand why.

They also said he's old enough to be neutered right away and placed up for adoption as soon as his isolation week is done. Yay! I hope he finds a home the first day he's out.

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