Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Annoyances

You'd think that my election day annoyances would have to do with waiting in line or some other polling site SNAFU. Nope. It's the mundane people that are driving me nuts.

1. My coworkers. For months now I have been bombarded with their opinions on the matter. For months now they have assumed I agree. They're making asses of themselves. Today, when I came into work I was late because I voted and then came home to watch Abby while Chad voted. It was his first time voting and I was proud of him for deciding to do so. One would assume that my politically manic coworkers would be happy, too. What I hear instead is:

"Did you also make sure he voted the right way?"

Is there a right way to vote? I mean, beyond getting to the poll, registering, and filling in the marks correctly to correspond with one's personal beliefs?

2. The crazy political volunteers. They tried to leave behind a THIRD copy of the same dang flier that was already plastered to my front door. AFTER I HAD ALREADY VOTED. I told them to go away.

At least by tonight, people will stop trying to convince me to vote their way. Then I'll get to hear everyone complain about how bad the miscount was. Four years from now, maybe they'll simmer down a bit and I can get some peace.

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Steph said...

so, who'd you vote for? lol.