Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tinkerbelle is not a vegetarian

According to my daughter who is 22 months old, Tinkerbelle is NOT a vegetarian.

A little background info is needed to appreciate the humor in this. My daughter has a book called _The Gas We Pass_ by Shinta Cho. It's a very nice honest book all about gas, farts, toots, etc. It details what they are, where they come from, why they smell, and all sorts of useful things. Normally, I'd say that this book is appropriate for a 6 year old or older, but A just keeps pushing the envelope and so I've started in on books that I was saving for her for later. I get tired of reading the same board books 10 times a day!

One section of the book discusses why farts smell bad. It tells us that when you eat meat, eggs, fish, and chicken, your farts smell bad. It also says that when you eat sweet potatoes and beans, your farts do not smell bad. Pretty interesting stuff for a not-quite 2 year old.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. We had finished our morning potty ritual, including a reading of the Potty Book. A approached her changing table and started digging in the bin of undies that we keep there. She pulls out a pair of Tinkerbelle undies and proclaims, "Tinkerbelle! Stinky."

"Why is Tinkerbelle stinky?"

"Tinkerbelle toot." (Tinkerbelle had farted.)


"Tinkerbelle eat meat."

To which, I just about fell over laughing. She not only knew that Tink had farted, but that her fart smelled bad because Tink had eaten meat. I had no idea that she had grasped that whole diet/odor connetion quite so well!