Thursday, October 2, 2008

Potty Training, part II

We're trying again. We got off track a month ago and have been struggling with the potty ever since. It seemed like we couldn't get A to hold it long enough to find it worth working at. If I set the timer for 45 min, she didn't always make it. If I set the timer for 30 min, she fought me all the way to the toilet. I didn't think I could win, so I stopped trying.

Then, yesterday, I spoke with our daycare provider about it because A has near-perfect days at daycare and falls back during the evenings. K said that she noticed our troubles began when A had a stomach bug and we went back to diapers from undies. She recommended that we go back to undies.

So, I went home and put A on the pot. Afterwards, I let her choose her own undies to wear. Between 5pm and 7:30pm, A pottied 6 times, with NO accidents! She even told me twice during dinner when she had to go, and then did! I was so proud!

I hope we're back into undies for good!

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