Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cloth Diaper News

I officially packed up A's cloth diapers and training pants this morning. Sniff.

A has only had one accident since Monday morning! SO, we're on to undies at day, pull-ups at night, and no more cloth! I did find it difficult to bring myself to buy disposable training pants for the 2 or so she'd actually pee in each week, but cloth just wasn't practical anymore. It's been really rough over the past three weeks trying to wash just one or two cloth diapers/trainers every 3 days and finding other hot-water-safe laundry to add to it.

I'd say that I'm going to miss it, but I won't as the new baby will be wearing all of the teeny tiny cloth diapers in just 3 months!!! Yay! I did the final round of unpacking and sorting the little things and realized that I officially have enough of everything I will need for baby #2.

I received a surprise diaper package in the mail last night, too! I belong to an internet community for cloth-diapering parents. We have a forum where moms can post lists of things they need or want to try. Other moms can then send hand-me-downs to the appropriate families. I was lucky enough to recieve some tiny diapers for our new baby last night! Yay! Now it's my turn to send out a package.

I have a bag of diapers, covers, and inserts/doublers to pass on to other people. I've sold some of it but now it's time to start gifting it to others. There are things that worked for us and things that I have realized I don't like enough to use again. Someone will get some use out of it, though, so let's spread the wealth!

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