Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"All done" does not mean "all done"

We're going through the terrifying twos.

A is really trying out her independence. She no longer listens to direction. She no longer comes when called. She's learning to ask for things and expects to get them. I want her to learn to communicate, so if she asks politely, I will usually oblige her.

HOWEVER I draw the line at "all done." If the girl tells me she's all done with something, I take it away and move on. We've always done this, from the moment she learned to say "all done!" This week, however, she's decided to play with the phrase. And I"m not playing along. Needless to say, we've had some tears and it really isn't any fun at all.

Take last night:

"All done, applesauce."

"are you sure? No more?"

"all done."

"You're done eating?"


We wipe her hands and face, take off the bib, get out of the chair, and BOOM! "More applesauce!" Um, no. "WaHHHHH!!!!!"

Come bedtime, it was no better. "Okay, it's time for a bath! Get naked!" She gets naked, sits on the potty, brushes her teeth, and I run the bathwater. When I put her in, she stands there and cries, "more potty!" I finally figure out that she wants no bath at all rather than more potty. SO we move on to PJs and stories.

Halfway through the second book, "Dada kisses."

"So you're done with stories?"

"All done."

"No more stories, you want to move on to kisses and night night?"

"Yes, kisses, night night."

Okay, I guess... it's 20 min before bedtime due to the skipped bath and short story time, but she says she's done... And 5 minutes later, we're crying over going to bed.

"More stories!"

"no, you said you were all done. Night night now."

"NO! More stories!"

And on and on and on... I had to hold my ground even if I didn't like it. She knows what "all done" means and has to learn to use it appropriately again. Soon enough, she won't have the option of getting back into the highchair or having more stories because Little Sib will be needing to fit into the schedule, too. Sigh. It just doesn't make me feel so great, dealing with temper tantrums because I say no to something. LOL. WElcome to parenthood, eh?

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