Monday, September 8, 2008

A Trip to the Park

A few days ago I took A to one of the local parks. Our town is full of parks. We could walk to the one just a block away, but some of the others have better playgrounds in them, so we often go to a different park a bit further away. This one is A's favorite.

We spent a lot of time on the slide, as expected. A learned to go up the stairs and down the slide all by herself, with confidence! It was great.

She didn't much care for the swing, but then again, she never does!

And for the first time EVER, she went into the sandbox willingly! It was amazing.

We spent a lot of time picking up rubber mulch and taking off her shoes to empty them. We had a blast and stayed for an hour. I just wish this park was the one on our block! WE'd be there every afternoon.

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