Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Mighty Chipmunk Hunter

We have chipmunks. Every morning, they're the loudest critter on the block. Every time we mow the lawn we find another hole. My husband has been trying to minimize their impact on our lawn and house for months now without success. When we discovered that they had 3 holes chewed into the side of our house along with one under the garage and one under the patio, we decided it was time to fight dirty.

I thought we had only 2-3 living in our yard.

Want to guess at how many my husband has caught in the last 8 days? C'mon, take a guess... The number is truly frightening if you consider that we probably haven't caught them all.

As of this morning, the count is up to 13!!!

That's 13 chipmunks in 8 days. Talk about a thriving colony living with us. Well, it WAS thriving... but for the past three mornings, it's been quiet in the yard!


dick said...

How did you get rid of them?

TheCraftyQueen said...

A combination of a snap trap inside a bait box. I don't know the exact details, as I'm not the one in charge of the operation. But at 18 chipmunks in less than 2 weeks, we are dealing with a very large population pretty efficiently.

I apologize if non-livetraps offend anyone, but we weren't successful with them and the situation was extreme.

dick said...

where can you buy those bait boxes?

TheCraftyQueen said...

The brand is Tom Cat, I believe. It's black and plastic, as is the snap trap inside. We bought them at our local Menards. Don't know if you have that store. We didn't put bait into the box, though. It's more a housing for the trap to keep the kids away. For the snap trap, he placed a half a peanut in the bottom of the cup, then covered it with peanut butter.

Good luck. We're up to 23 chipmunks now.