Tuesday, September 23, 2008

La-la la-la, La-la la-la, Elmo's World....

I think I have that song permanently tattooed into my brain.

We just came back from an unplanned road trip to Arkansas, and it was a long 13 hours of driving each way. Considering that we made the trip with a partly-potty-trained toddler, it went really well. A was really patient about potty breaks and more often than not, held it until we stopped. We did have one stop where the toddler spent a leisurely 20 minutes in the bathroom, thumbing through a picture book while taking care of business. However, given the alternative of a sticky diaper, I was happy to wait.

We did choose to invest in a car DVD player for the trip, which was the key to our sanity, I think. It cost us $300 and 26 hours of listening to Elmo singing from the backseat. I did check out other videos for A to watch, but she really preferred the Elmo ones. Maybe that's for the best, as who wants to listen to 26 hours of the Wiggles?!?

Since returning home, it's been easy to slide back into our daily routines, thank goodness. The only exception has been an increased frequency in the requests for TV time. Thankfully, I'm bigger than A is so I rule the remotes. We're back to Sesame Street 3 times a week and the rare additional show when I need a moment's break.

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sherilaugh said...

Tisha LOVES muppets.... maybe it's something we ate?