Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back in diapers... UGH.

So we're back in diapers this week. Not only that, but they're disposables! NO! Say it isn't so! Poor kid.

She was doing pretty well in her cloth training pants, but two days ago came down with some sort of stomach bug. After handwashing three of her nicer trainers/diapers in the toilet, I made the executive decision to put her in paper again. She's still telling us when she needs to go most of the time, but when she doesn't get there in time, it's not as messy to clean up!

I am really hoping to be back into cloth trainers again this weekend. Disposables really don't hold up well to the repeated opening and closing that comes with potty use. I'm too cheap to buy PullUps when we have two packs of paper dipes left over from our previous daycare fiasco. Especially as she's only using 1-2 a day and we won't go through them before we're back in cloth.

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