Tuesday, September 23, 2008

20 weeks and counting!

We have had a busy week! This week marks the midpoint of my second pregnancy. Along with the midpoint came our anatomical ultrasound. It was so much fun! I never want them to end! This time, our little one was very active. I had a full glass of OJ about 45 minutes before the ultrasound and the sugar went right to the baby! The tech said that our little one was very photogenic, despite the wiggling. Every measurement came back within the normal ranges and our EDD will not change any. Yay! The little one was not the most cooperative with exposing its gender, however. The final time we went back to that area to get a peek, the little squirt wouldn't even open its legs! However, we catch a few glimses and the tech was leaning one way over the other, so we have some idea. We just won't tell YOU until we have told all of our family. LOL.

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