Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How do they know?

How is it that infants and toddlers know that exact moment when you are finally starting to fall asleep again after the last visit to the child's room in the middle of the night? How do they know that exactly THAT moment is the one in which they need to start crying again?

I was up 6, count them, 6 times last night with little Miss Potty. Each and every time she wanted to pee once or twice before I left the room. Each time, she needed to be hugged, laid down, covered, kissed, and told goodnight. Each time, she seemed ready to fall back to sleep.

I, however, did not get to sleep.

I finally realized that it was a headache keeping her up when I walked into the room at 2am and was told, "head, ouch." Sigh... Tylenol, water to drink, trip to the potty (again), and rocking for 10 minutes and I was FINALLY off to sleep.

I am truly loving the language explosion that our daughter has been experiencing. I think I might have been up ALL night if she hadn't finally told me that her head hurt! Yay to speaking!!!!

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