Monday, August 25, 2008

Hand, Foot, Mouth

Oy... hand foot mouth disease is NO fun. I can only imagine what Chicken Pox is like for the parent. Our daughter was sick from Thursday through Sunday with a high fever, heavy drooling, fine rash everywhere, sores in her mouth and throat (so no eating or drinking unless we bribed her or held her down to spray analgesic into her mouth first,) and no solid sleep.

She would wake choking on drool and crying, pissed that she was awake instead of asleep. And I would sit and hold her until she stopped squirming, then rock her back to sleep.... We have yet to have a full night's sleep, but we're down to two wakeups a night.

She's still spotty, but has started eating and drinking again. Hooray!

Thankfully, I had HFM as a child and did not pick it up this time.

On another note, we had our 16 week prenatal appointment last week. Everything is going smoothly. My weight gain is dead center of where they want it to be. The baby's heartrate is 155 beats per minute. We scheduled our anatomical ultrasound for September 22nd. Four weeks! This pregnancy is passing so much more quickly than last time. I think it's because I rarely have a moment to sit and reflect upon it. I'm so busy running around after the toddler.

We also made headway on the kitchen remodel. My husband pulled down the existing tile backsplash. Behind it was a bright red laminate one. Whoo hoo! Behind that was plaster, painted a deep olive green. The plaster is cracking and pulling away from the lathes, so it will be a bit more work to repair that than we expected. We cant' get the laminate completely off until we remove the counter and cabinets because the last remodel involved placing the new counter over the old backsplash. This will mean that I am without a kitchen for much longer than anticipated. Grrrr.... I just keep reminding myself that I will get a dishwasher out of this hassle. Oh heavenly dishwasher!

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