Friday, July 18, 2008

So, we've entered that phase where the camera is a great toy for the little diva. It's nearly impossible to get a nice picture these days. If I ask her to smile, this is what I get:

If I just let her be herself and then take a picture when it looks like a good time, this is what I get:

And if I try to get her attention and then quickly snap a picture, this is what I get:

Sometimes, though, I can sneak in a decent one:

Yay! Finally! A picture of the toddler that doesn't look too goofy! Now, if only we can overlook the fat lip from the argument she had with the rails on the changing table yesterday...

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Steph said...

Such a perfect description of toddler picture-dom. R loves to see the pictures of herself on the back of the camera so she's always reaching for it once she notices it's out