Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to It!

Okay, so it's been MONTHS since I last blogged. I can only claim that life got ahold of me and put me through the wringer. Pregnancy-brain at its best is the best way to describe it. I have not only been incredibly busy chasing after the toddler, but trying to keep down food despite my morning sickness, trying to stay away despite the first trimester sleepies, and just plain working has made it nearly impossible to find time for other activities!

BUT I did this week finally find some time to be a little bit creative. I shortened 18 infant prefolds to newborn length and I also managed to sew a fitted diaper in size Small. Now I can feel like I did something for the new baby! I'd love to do a ton more, and will have to before the next 6.5 months are over, but it's at least a start.

Back at the ranch, we're dealing with potty training, transitioning to the toddler bed, switching dacyares (AGAIN) and getting the lawn mowed on a regular enough basis so that we don't look like the white trash we sometimes feel like. I think we're keeping up with the worst of it... at least, the neighbors don't complain too loudly about our jungle out back.


Steph said...

yay for more blog posts. good luck with the daycare switch-- hope it goes well! and woohoo for newborn size diapers. they're so small and cute! i sent all of our orange-edge prefolds to my sister-in-law who is expecting in sept., i'm so excited she's going to cd too! by the way, i don't think we've mowed our lawn since may. eek! but it's so hot down here the grass doesn't really grow, so it doesn't look *as* overgrown as it could.

sherilaugh said...

my mom cleaned my yard up today... now I KNOW I gotta mow my grass... scary....we ended up piling a picnic table on the tallest bit to hide it.