Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"not Down Syndromey enough!"

My goal with this doll was to create an appealing doll with Down Syndrome. After looking at a number of pictures of adorable children with Down Syndrome, my husband and I decided that we needed to celebrate the joy and beauty of these children. Looking at the commercially available dolls with Down Syndrome I found that none of them were appealing! They were either ugly characatures or simply not cuddly enough. So, off to the sewing table!

My first draft of the pattern is complete and it's a mediocre success. As my husband said as he looked upon his new "son"'s face, "he's not Down Syndromey enough!" Sigh.

Okay, so I managed to get a number of the physical characteristics down:

1. epicanthic fold painted on with the eyes
2. low-placed, folded ears
3. Simian crease on the hand
4. space between the big and next toes
5. flattened appearance to the head

I didn't want to do an open mouth with a big tongue. In all of the commercially available dolls, this is the one feature that looks least like it belongs on the doll... as if the designer couldn't find a way to add that feature without overdoing it. I'll have to think on it and see if I can come up with a way to do it pleasingly.

The other thing I didn't get right is the hyponia. My little fellow simply has too much movement, too much muscle tone in him. He looks spring-loaded, as if he'll start wiggling any minute. I think the next one will have arms that hang down lower to show this. I also want a bigger belly and bum with a smaller chest and a floppier feel to it. Maybe longer legs?

Oh, the potential!

before sculpting the body:

After sculpting the body:

After painting:

To all those who have left comments in the past, I apologize for my delay in replying. I just received the comments now, in June of 2010. Please read my reply here.


Mommaluvy said...

I am assuming this is not a joke. I like the doll. My daughter has Down Syndrome. SHe is about to turn 3. I find your doll to be " cute" much cuter than the dolls you mention ( the open mouth). My daughter breastfed and had good muscle tone in the face because of it. So she does not have the mouth thing.
That is the " problem" with your husbands remark. Each person is an individual. Not all of them will share the same " ds traits". I found your doll to be adorable. A bit cabbage patch-ish.. but adorable. Some common ones were the ones you mentioned. Forehead, eyes.. ears.. but the mouth is not universal. Low tone is.. but some things can " help" the tone.

I would buy this doll for my daugher. Esp if you had a little girl verson.


Mommaluvy said...

OH yeah.. Don't change the body much. The legs are to be short. I felt it was just right. NOt too " springy"

IF you mess with perfection then you will get something other than perfection. Your doll is PERFECT. If you try to fix what your talking about fixing.. then you will get a caricature . You don't want that.
How much will you be charging? Can you make one with hair and eye color to match a child?

Tawny G said...

Hi my name is Tawny Garvin and i love the downsyndrome doll my little sister who is three has downs and i love her to death i wanted to get her a christmas presant that really means something and i think that she would just love that doll and i am willing to pay for it i live in Ohio and i would really arpeciate it if you could contact me and mayby make arrangements for me to buy it my # is 740-817-3328 thank you very much

hannah hawthorne said...


angel said...

hi i have a 8 year old with down syndrome do you sell your dolls?

TheCraftyQueen said...

To all of you who have commented:

Yes, I can make more. Yes I can customize them. Please click on my blog title to arrive at the newest blog entries and then leave me a comment on any of the newest 3 blog entries and I will get your message.


Unknown said...

Where can I buy one of these please so hard to find help xx

Unknown said...

I'm so in love with this doll! Awesome job!

Bernice Bowling said...

How much do you sale your dolls for or do you sale them?