Thursday, January 3, 2008

What was I thinking?

Last night I started a true marathon of custom work. I have orders for 5, count them, FIVE dolls. They all came in within 3 days of each other, too. I can only blame greed for my willingness to take on this challenge. I really can't turn down that kind of compensation just now! Our budget is feeling the addition of our daughter to the family this past year and every penny that either of us can bring in really makes a difference.

So last night, I cut out two bodies and four heads. I could have stayed up in my work room and pinned the body pieces together in preparation for sewing, but my husband was home for the evening and as he's about to start a marathon of extra evening work himself, I felt that spending my time with him was much more important. All too soon, he'll be away in the evenings working on his project and I'll be left to work on mine. In all actuality, it works out kind of nicely that we both have extra work at the same time. Both projects will probably last about the same amount of time, too!

It will be really interesting to see how this doll project works out. Both clients have different tastes in dolls, but both want some characteristics in common. I may just have to hang onto all of them until they're done so that I can take a group picture! I think it just might be an amazing thing to see. I don't think I've ever had this much of my work completed and in the house at once! I can't wait!


Cabbagecubb said...

I have two words... Woo and Hoo!! Please don't work too hard ;)

sherilaugh said...

wow. sounds like a lot of work.. I'm just finishing the ONE I started 2 years ago lol