Friday, January 4, 2008

Um... Did I do that?!?

Did I really just agree to two more dolls?

LOL. I must officially by nuts.

On a positive note, my new sock yarn arrived and I LOVE it. It will be much better to work with, I hope! Also in the box were my new bamboo knitting needles! Yay!


sherilaugh said...

now how you gonna make those socks?? lol

Stephanie said...

wow, where do you get all these doll orders? is it word of mouth or do you have a website??

TheCraftyQueen said...

LOL... yeah, my projects are on the back burner for sure! But you'd be surprised. I sometimes find myself with some time to do something and not have access to the work room, so I do manage to do things like knitting!

Steph, it is all word of mouth and right now, I think there are too many mouths!!! LOL.