Saturday, January 12, 2008

my creativity is not entirely lost

Just as an FYI for those of you patiently reading this, looking for an update, I have been doing SOME work. My dear husband has given me a moritorium on night-time art work until Tuesday in an attempt to help me recover. However, that does not preclude me from working on things when, oh, say, my grandmother calls! I sculpted nearly an entire body while we chatted about things this afternoon! WHoo hooo! I got work done and I didn't have to break my promise to my husband!

So, the progress:

two bodies sewn, one sculpted
four heads cut out, one sculpted and painted
one kid almost ready to go out the door, just some touch-up blushing needed (for P)
cloth diapers purchased, prepped, and ready to be pinned and covered with plastic pants
ooooh, and I found a couple of TDF outfits for the boys and one for a girl. I can't wait!

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